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Meet your new best friends: Blinky, Stinky, Shrinky, and Merle. These four tricky ghosts have invited you to play hide-and-seek in their cabin, and the more of them you find, the cozier the cabin becomes! Look for ghosts in different objects around the cabin and race them back to the fireplace to claim your prize - but beware, they have a few tricks up their sleeves! 

Built in Unity for the 2021 Seattle Indies Slow Jam, the game was developed from start-to-finish over the course of 2 weeks in mid-November. Produced by Lisa Franke, with art by Reginald King, Music, Sound, and Narrative Design by Ian Riley, and programmed by Alex Bonesteele and Sean Parker, visit the cabin and hang out with some Snuggly Spectres!


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Snuggly Spectres (Windows) 226 MB


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This game is soooo much fun! I had a blast playing this! I really liked the music changes and how the 3D sound helped me find those ghosts! 
it has such a funny fun vibe and I really enjoyed the surprises :)

Thanks so much! Yeah, we tried to be very intentional with the sound design. :)

This game was a lot of fun! The chase sequences were frantic and I ended up using the fact that you're faster when moving diagonally to win :D Loved the different musical themes for the different ghosts, and the fact that the way to exit the game is to actually exit the house. Nice job!

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forgot to mention, I love that the mop asset got re-used as hanging lamps. So good

Thanks so much! We had a great team, and a great time! And we were wondering if anyone would use the DoomRun bug… I know that I did!